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Mission Statement

Truth Must Be Told aims to re-legitimize the State of Israel in the eyes of the world by combatting the current Arab campaign intent on destroying the history, national identity, culture and rights of the Jewish people to the land of Israel, its national home.  Truth Must Be Told will work to expose the fraudulent claims that have been perpetuated about the Jewish people and Israel -- since its creation -- in academia, media, and public opinion -- by affirming factual and undeniable truths. 


Our goal is to create a climate of acceptance for Israel as the historical homeland of the Jewish people, who are in fact the indigenous inhabitants of ‘Palestine’, as the Ottoman colony was known before World War I. 


Until now, the Arabs in conjunction with a large segment of the Muslim world , and with the help of international media, have dominated the narrative and imbedded numerous lies about Israel into the world psyche.   Israel has unfortunately been largely silent on debunking these lies when they emerge in mass media, focusing instead on physical security rather than public relations.  Israel and the Jewish Diaspora are now witnessing the damage that the decades of lies have inflicted on the public perception of Israel, as demonstrated in international policy, security, sovereignty and cultural identity.  


“From the River to the Sea”.  The constant bombardment of pro- Palestinian-Arab falsehoods in international media has also created a climate where anti-Semitism is once again acceptable, under the guise of anti-Israel sentiments.  Zionism, which can best be defined as is the liberation movement of the Jewish people -- a movement to establish a self-determining, sovereign Jewish state, has been falsely and grotesquely associated with Nazism by the Arab media in order to undermine any Jewish claims to Israel as a homeland. 


Truth Must Be Told has the arduous but critical task of consistently and forcefully sharing the true history of the region, and the Jewish people as its indigenous inhabitants, while exposing the lies that the Palestinian Authority and many media outlets, such as Al Jazeera, but also CNN, CNBC and others, spread about Israel.  Through our concerted public relations efforts, public opinion will begin to change as we undo 60 years of lies

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