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Truth Must Be Told – The Palestinian Lie

At the San Remo Conference in 1920, there was unanimous acknowledgement by the League of Nations -- the equivalent of the United Nations at that time -- of the historical and cultural roots of the Jewish people to the land of Israel.  It recognized the pre-existing right of the Jewish people and did not need to create a new right, and wrote this fact into International Law that is still binding today.  The legitimacy of no other nation in the world is questioned today except for that of Israel, the indigenous homeland of the Jewish people.  Why is that?  


As Goebbels -- Adolf Hitler’s architect who was tasked with branding the Jewish people as a subhuman race -- once said, “If a lie is big enough, and repeated often enough, then the people will believe it.”

While the so-called “Palestinians” have fed the world lies for the last 60 years, Israel simply tells the truth. 


There is no such thing as a Palestinian people or nation, separate from the Arab nation.  Yet the Arabs of Palestine, whose families in fact can be traced by their family names to other Arab countries, have adopted the term “Palestinian” as their name to falsely attach themselves to, and rewrite the history of the land.  A “Palestinian” claim to any part of the land has no truthful, legal or historical basis whatsoever.  Palestine was the name first given to the Kingdom of Judea by the Romans in 135 AD after the Romans had defeated the Bar Kochba insurrection.  That happened before Islam was a religion and 500 years before the Arabs had even left Arabia.  The prophet, Mohammed, had yet to be born.


How possibly could the Arabs be the indigenous people when they first came as conquerors and colonizers to the land of Israel in 638 A.D., six years after the Prophet Mohammed’s death in 632 A.D.   This, in fact, was the beginning of the Muslim Arab “occupation” of the land of the Jews.  


The cornerstone of the Arab argument against Israel is that the Jews have no connection to the land.  An acknowledgement of that connection would entitle the Jews to a claim to the land – something that the Arabs are not willing to admit.  Why? 


An admission that the Jewish people have a significant historical, cultural and religious claim to the land would undermine their propaganda efforts to claim as their own, all of the state of Israel – “From the River to the Sea”! 


Islamist and Palestinian supporters in the Middle East and abroad have used the fiction of a “Palestinian” people against Israel.  It is a deliberate misuse and misrepresentation of International Law in order to fabricate a history for a nation that has never existed. They have perpetuated a false narrative to paint the Jewish people who are the true indigenous people of the land, as colonial occupiers, and incite violence against Jews worldwide on the basis of this lie. 


Truth Must Be Told has undertaken a major, multi-faceted public diplomacy endeavor to combat the lies promulgated by the Arabs and expose those forces that are questioning Israel’s legitimacy and very right to exist.  Our intention is to carry out initiatives to strengthen the world’s understanding of the connection between the Jewish people and their historical homeland, and Israel’s fundamental historical and international legal right to exist as the nation state of the Jewish people!


And that’s not all.  It’s time to recognize that 73% of Palestine -- originally mandated to be the Jewish homeland -- was gifted by the British to the Arabs, for services rendered, in 1922 and this land – east of the Jordan -- ultimately became the Arab Kingdom of Jordan.  That was, in fact, the first Two State Solution.  An Arab state in Palestine thus already exists.

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