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Values Statement

Truth Must Be Told is guided by our vision of a secure Jewish, democratic Israel, and our values of Zionism, forthrightness, intellectual integrity, and perseverance.  Truth Must Be Told’s primary objective is to re-establish Israel’s legitimacy in the eyes of the world community by destroying the false narratives, particularly regarding the “Occupation” story, perpetuated by the leaders of the Arabs of Palestine.  We will provide the true narrative for the defense and support of Israel locally, nationally and internationally. 


Israel is the state and homeland of the Jewish people.  Jews worldwide have a stake in Israel and its future, irrespective of whether they are Israeli citizens.  Debate about Israel and its policies should be grounded in a commitment to Israel’s survival and well-being, along with a fundamental acceptance of Israel’s legitimacy in the community of nations. 


A better understanding and knowledge of Israeli society, politics and policy will lead to a better engagement between the world community and Israel. 


Truth Must Be Told will always endeavor to foster greater knowledge, through sharing of important information, research and analysis.  Using historical truths and facts, we wish to promote an informed conversation about Israel, and its fundamental right to exist as the Jewish homeland. 


The work done by Truth Must Be Told is rooted in informative and fact-based information.  

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